Developing the op5 website

Our website is one of our most important communication channels with our customers and also everyone looking for the kind of solutions that we deliver. The last months most work have been done “behind the scenes”. Therefore it is fun to now start working with the parts that actually shows on the site.

The first thing we have done is to overhaul our page with screenshots from our products. The presentation is now slightly better with nicer finish and navigation. Another plus is that its easier to add new screenshots. This is only the first sign on changes to come. Keep an eye on new features taking the site to the next level!

Oh, and please feel free to send me your suggestions on how we can improve the site and if there are features you would like to see. You can add comments here or email marketing”at”

We have added a an site where we publish our projects, dev blogs and other information of interest for op5/Nagios developers. Andreas Ericsson’s blog and Peter Anderssons blog is published there and we hope to be able to present more dev blogs there shortly.


Speaking of blogs, there are several from the op5 staff that has started their own blogs, so we have created a feed of staff members different blogs at The blogs are our personal blogs and opinions, but since we are also writing about work related issues we thought it be fun to also publish them on the website.

More stuff is happening at op5, so keep visiting us!


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