op5 Product release information made available

The never ending work of improving our website has continued. Another step have been taken with much better product release information made available in our support portal. Everyone can now take part of our roadmaps and change logs, generated directly from our product development tool. Release notes are as usual also available in the portal. Bugs and features are another service available for op5 customers by logging in using the download password.

The menue structure in the support portal have been rearranged to hopefully simplify the navigation on the Support Portal. These are changes made from feedback given from visitors, so please continue to send your comments and feedback to us!

The last but probably most noticable change made in the last days is the small template design changes made. We made these to make the page more distinctive.

with the template changes

with the template changes

There are many more changes (made in small steps) in the pipeline to develop the site further, design changes to make it prettier and easier to navigate but also with new features and functions to add value for you as a visitor.


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