New Nagios GUI project

Nagios is probably the most used network monitoring tool in the world with outstanding flexibility when it comes to the variety of things you can monitor. The drawback is that it can be somewhat complicated to learn how to use due to a “old fashion” and for some tasks missing user interface. For a long long time we at op5 have nurtured a wish to create a completely new “modern” user interface for our Nagios based product op5 Monitor.

A while ago we decided to start working on this and right now we are a bit in to the new GUI project, that will work as a new GUI not only for op5 Monitor but also for Nagios.

The goal with the project is to create the most useful Open Source web front end for Nagios. You will be able to use them as a combination or replacement to the existing CGI’s. The GUI will be programmed in PHP and have a “widget” feature making it very flexible and possible for the community to develop clever widgets.



Take the opportunity to influence the project by commenting, sending suggestions to the project developers!


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