Andreas Ericsson and Ton Voon to be part of Nagios developer team

Ethan Galstad, the founder of the Nagios Project announced today on the Nagios community site that he is no longer going to develop all the code himself and that Andreas Ericsson and Ton Voon are the first do be a part of a new Nagios developer team.  From Ethans statement

“The time I can commit to Nagios development has decreased in recent times. It will continue to decrease further as time goes by. I need to transition my role away from that of “the” Nagios developer. To do that, I’m empowering others to take over development, and moving into an architectural/mentor role. And eventually, when the time is right, I’ll pass that role on to someone else.

This necessary transition comes as no surprise to me. Savvy developers will find an encoded “EAG worked here” message in the Nagios 3.x code – a subtle message that I knew that Nagios 3 would be the last major version that I was “the” Nagios developer for.

As a response to this necessary transition, the core development team will be expanding effective immediately. Andreas Ericsson and Ton Voon have stepped forward to help manage and further develpment of the Nagios core. Andreas and Ton have both been very active on the Nagios development lists, and many of you know just how knowledgeable and capable they are. I gladly welcome their willingness to participate as we move forward to help write the future of Nagios.”


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