A lot of interesting news from Nordic Meet on Nagios

Its been intense, its been interesting and its been a lot if cool Nagios related news released at NMN2009!

  • Ethan has really been working hard lately, 8 June there is a launch of an official Nagios support! Take a look at the support portal att http://support.nagios.com
  • A new Nagios Exchange has been opened for the community to post and share their Nagios related plugins: http://exchange.nagios.org/
  • Another really interesting news is that Ethan is forming an Nagios GUI task force, developing a new official Nagios frontend/GUI. The GUI will be built on op5s Ninja Project. Something we are very pleased and proud of! Our other project being heavily developed right now, Merlin and that is also being a part of official Nagios.

I can guarrantee that more is to come…


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