News and documentation from Nordic Meet on Nagios

The event Nordic Meet on Nagios that was hosted by op5 is over. The initial results from the evaulation shows on very happy participants with a stronger and more technical program then last year. The meet was very interesting with a lot of exiting news reveled by Ethan, the founder of the Nagios project:

  • The launch of official Nagios support
  • Aa new nagios exchange site where you can post and administer your own nagios plugins and addons
  • A new official Nagios GUI was presented. The Ninja project developed by op5 was revealed as becoming the new official Nagios GUI project.
  • Ethan presented a number of new initiatives and nagios sites
  • The Merlin project, developing a new event broker for Nagios was exiting news, follow and participate in the development!

Havent your heard the news? Did you miss the event?  We hope to be able to repeat the Meet also in 2010! so don’t miss it.

The recent surge of activity from and around Nagios ensure that there will be a lot of news and exiting developents to discuss next time we meet! We hope to see you at NMN2010!


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