Merlin 0.5 beta released today

Merlin, or Module for Effortless Redundancy and Load balancing In Nagios, has reached beta stage! The Merlin project was initially started to create an easy way to set up distributed Nagios installations, allowing Nagios processes to exchange information directly as an alternative to the standard nagios way using NSCA.

The code has been available in our code library for some time and we have received a lot of comments and input as well as patches, speeding the project along. We are very grateful to everyone and anyone helping out and testing the module.

Download the Merlin beta 0.5 here or take a look at the code here.


We currently dont have any logo for the projet, but it is something we would like to have when the project reaches release. Do you like design? Whant to contribute to the project? Feel free to send your suggestion to


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