op5 Monitor 5.0 reaches beta stage

The progress of the next version of the Network Monitoring tool op5 Monitor (5.0) has now reached beta stage. The beta versions are available for download from op5s support portal. This version is a first step to a new era of Nagios based Network Monitoring software with a completely new user interface (GUI) available for testing, something that many have wanted for years but no one have had the “guts” to develop… until now. The new GUI is PHP based with a widget structure that open many exiting possibilities! The GUI is based on the Ninja project that is mentioned by Ethan to be a candidate for the next official Nagios GUI. In op5 Monitor 5.0 the new GUI is included for testing, the old GUI is still default. The new op5 Monitor 5.0 also includes a new Nagvis based network map, also available for testing. So it is a very exiting release with a lot of candy and several bugfixes.

The stable version of op5 Monitor 5.0 is expected to be released in the end of August 2009.


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