op5 Monitor 5 is here

We are proud to present the new version of op5 Monitor, taking the next step in Network Monitoring. op5 Monitor 5 is designed to give an effective overview and control via easily available visualizations of data and events, according to your business needs. We aim to provide you with a world class tool for operational control. With todays fast changing IT that includes virtualisation, cloud computing, outsourcing etc. the real challenge is to maintain operational control and op5 Monitor 5.0 is adding essential features to help you with that.

The goal for this new version has been to give the whole system a new modern and improved user interface. “With the new interface we have solved many major issues regarding usability and flexibility to make customizations and improvements” says Peter Ă–stlin, Developer Manager at op5.

Some of the key features in op5 Monitor 5

  • A new, flexible and modern PHP based user interface
    • Search and filtering of information with pagination
    • Complete PHP logic that separates data from visualisation
    • Widgets that can be personalized
    • Multi language support (gettext)
    • Template/skin support
  • A new database back-end
    • Extended support for third party data bases
    • Load balancing and redundancy
    • Support for clustering
  • Authentication, support common authentication protocols
  • Smart Search for searching, sorting and filtering large volumes of data.
  • GEOMap with Google map integration
  • Port status to keep track of unused switch ports

Go to op5 to read more about the release, register for webinar or download the trial software


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