Web services monitoring made easy with op5 Cloud Monitor

Is it worth taking 5 minutes to set up a monitoring service of your business critical web based services? That what it takes to set up an account, create a virtual server and to have op5 Cloud Monitor up and running! op5 Cloud Monitor is based on the open source based op5 Monitor and services from City Cloud.

You can choose to install a monitoring server just by selecting the op5 image in City Clouds App Center and have it up and running within a few minutes. op5 can monitor both the servers that you have in the Cloud and other web based services such as your web shop or home page. op5 will offer the Cloud Monitor exclusively through City Cloud thus making it possible to buy monitoring on demand.

op5 brings out the essence in Cloud Computing and shows the true meaning of how to run your applications in the cloud. Using City Cloud, you have your own server, running your own copy of a monitoring application and best of all, You are in charge how it´s being used.

So, If you are in need of monitoring and want to be in control of both cost and performance, check out City Cloud and the op5 Cloud Monitor. If you want to learn more about op5, visit www.op5.com.

Here are some screenshots from the op5 Cloud monitor

op5 monitor alert histogram


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