Work on Merlin Progresses and goes distributed

One of the key components of op5 Monitor 5 is the Merlin Module, an open source project developed and maintained by op5 and Andreas Ericsson. Merlin is a Module for Effortless Redundancy and Loadbalancing In Nagios, and the goal is to use it for setting up distributed op5/Nagios installations and allowing Nagios processes to exchange information directly.

Andreas has written an article on the progress with the Merlin Module and comment the state of the module like this:

“A lot of people have opened their eyes to Merlin and are now using it in production environments. Bold? Maybe, but they really don’t have that many alternatives, and Merlin has been running steadily in a lot of production networks for weeks (or even months) now.

Next step now is to merge the reports-module with merlin. This is necessary in order to allow each poller node to be a fully fledged monitoring server in its own right, while all checkresults must still be sent to the master so it has all the information. It shouldn’t take long really, and I’ve already merged over the improved hash library and all its tests from the reports-module, as well as some other things.”


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