About this blog

About this Blog

I use this blog to post information, communication and thoughts related to network monitoring and management primarily related to op5 and op5s network management softwares. The information in this blog is my own words and should not be taken as, or confused for official statements from the company op5.

About me

I work with marketing at the open source network monitoring company op5 and the reason I have this blog is to be able to share  and discuss network monitoring and related issues in another forum an manner than in the role as marketer. Please feel free to comment, debate and add suggestions.

About op5

So who are op5 and what do we do? We aim at providing easy to use and comprehensive network monitoring softwares that is easy to use for network professionals and their management. We want to turn downtime to uptime, empower the IT staff and IT helpdesk with accurate information about the network and its status. We know that a good network monitoring system increases systems uptime and the users satisfaction with IT as a whole. We try to achieve this by building cost efficient solutions built on a big number of open source components, packaged and supported for enterprise use. We develop and maintain several open source projects of our own and cooperate and sponsor a number of community driven projects.